Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome To Suspicious News

Welcome and thank you for visiting Suspicious News. This web site is dedicated to covering the most unusual and suspicious news stories of the day. As a self-described news junkie, I often find myself puzzled by the mainstream media. It appears that popular newspapers, web sites and television programs have mostly chosen to present brief coverage on a variety of stories instead of providing in-depth coverage on a few of the most important stories. Perhaps they think they have to cater to the short attention spans of their average consumers in order to compete. Unfortunately, this results in a very myopic view, and I believe it causes consumers to form misguided opinions and beliefs about the world they live in.

When I am particularly interested in a topic or a current event, I often find myself searching the internet for more and more coverage until I feel that I have seen every available point of view on the topic of interest. I like to evaluate all available information and form my own informed opinion. I created this web site to share some of my observations about my favorite stories of the week. I am hoping that you will help me and other readers by sharing some of your thoughts and ideas too. Please help all readers of this web site by answering questions and addressing my known unknowns. Please also point out the potential flaws in my thinking and help me discover my unknown unknowns.

I am an American Citizen living and working in Canada. So, I feel that I have a unique perspective as I read and watch news and stories from around the world. I am not perfect, and I don't have the time or the energy to thoroughly research everything before I post. If you share my passion for deep understanding of the world around you, then please contribute your thoughts and insight as well. I do encourage debate and dissent and I welcome open discussion of the ideas discussed in these blog posts. I will do my best to allow every point of view to be discussed. Unfortunately, I may occasionally have to delete comments from posters who abuse their freedom to comment, but I will try to be as fair and balanced as possible. If you comment frequently, I may invite you to write some of your own articles on this web site. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for sharing in my exploration of the universe.

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