Monday, January 3, 2011

The Book Of Eli - Movie Review, Biblical Scholarship and Phylosophy Discussion

Spoiler Alert: Watch the movie before you read this blog.

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I just finished watching "The Book Of Eli" and I wanted to share a brief thought...

"The Book Of Eli" (the film, the script, and the story represented in the movie) is a very good representation of how the Bible, and most religious books for that matter, came into being.

Plot Summary in 40 words or less: Denzel Washington carries that book with him everywhere, commits it to memory, and then dictates it to a man who writes it down and prints it on a printing press, presumably to be distributed to the masses for consumption.

Multiply that process times 100, and you will quickly begin to understand why these religious books have contradictions, obvious additions, edits and changes. See my post about Easter for a little more on the topic of Biblical accuracy and apologetics.

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