Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Corexit Connection: Linking Mass Die-Offs to BP's Oil Spill

Source: This Week In Truth

With the dumping of Corexit supposedly ending only weeks after the well was finally capped, the fall storm season for the eastern United States was beginning to ramp up. The primary source of moisture for this region is the Gulf of Mexico. As the Polar Jet Stream begins to fall further south with the progression of the late seasons, evaporated moisture from the gulf gets pumped into the atmosphere. This moisture fuels storm systems that affect the south in the fall and further north in the winter.

These storms provide a great deal of water to the areas the gulf affects. With the evaporation of toxic molecules and the transportation to land, the chemicals then are transplanted to terrestrial animals starting with the most sensitive and vulnerable ones such as birds and insects. The effects of Corexit on internal organs are in line with some autopsy reports of animals researched in the mass die-offs that have been occurring primarily throughout the eastern United States. Those effects are a general liquidation and development of cancer in the organ systems giving them an appearance of traumatic activity.

This is a Suspicious News Brief. Read more at This Week In Truth.
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