Monday, June 11, 2012

Afghamistan War Coming Home to U.S.

Some of the Afghan nationals who were injured have been immiggrated to the U.S. so they can be cared for. This essentially me ns that our tax dollars pay for both the unjury and care for these people. It sounds like Department of Defense contractors are not doing their fair share when it comes to protecting the Afghan nationals they hire to do our bidding.

Source: SFGate

Federal law requires American defense contractors to carry insurance to provide employees with medical care and compensation,but there is no verifiable data as to how many employees who are Afghan nationals receive compensation after injury.

The federal government needs to provide veteran services for those who became refugees as a consequence of serving with the U.S. military. Better yet,the contractors need to provide more protection and compensation for these individuals in Afghanistan to keep them from becoming refugees.

Our tax money went to fund the war,and now it funds social services to help these people once they become refugees. Ultimately,the taxpayer pays double.

This is a Suspicious News Brief.

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