Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fear and Loathing and Windows 8

It sounds like everybody will be tempted to rethink the decision to have or not have a PC running Windows. I'm gempted to install and kick the tires.

Source: Mobile Opportunity

The rollout of Windows 8 has very important implications for not just Microsoft but everyone in the tech industry. In normal times, most people are unwilling to reconsider the basic decisions they have made about operating system and applications. They've spent a huge amount of time learning how to use the system, and the last thing they want to do is start learning all over again. That's why the market share of a standard like Windows is so stable over time. But when a platform makes a major transition, people are forced to stop and reconsider their purchase. They're going to have to learn something new anyway, so for a brief moment they are open to possibly switching to something else. The more relearning people have to do, the more willing they are to switch. Rapid changes in OS and app market share usually happen during transitions like this.

This is a Suspicious News Brief.

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