Thursday, June 21, 2012

Syria: David Cameron considered ordering special forces to seize Russian ship

There are reports that the CIA is providing arms to rebel opposition groups in Turkey near the border of Syria. Russia recently shipped helicopters to Syria and claims that the helicopters were previously shipped from Syria to Russia in order to have repairs made and that the repairs were ordered long before Syria began attacks on protestors. Now it appears that the UK escalated the situation further.

Source: Telegraph

David Cameron considered ordering British special forces to board and impound a Russian ship suspected of carrying arms to Syria, it has emerged.

Cobra, the Government's emergency security committee, met several times as the MV Alaed approached British waters.

With the United States placing pressure on Britain to halt the vessel, the prime minister was regularly briefed on the situation. It is understood that he was presented with several options including a military seizure of the ship.

Avoiding a confrontation that could have damaged already strained ties with Russia, the government instead took action to ensure that the Alaed's insurance cover was withdrawn.

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