Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spreading Meth across the Chinese-North Korean Border

Source: SINO-NK

Though the North Korean government would never admit to outsiders that there is a drug problem in the country, the Daily NK has filed many reports over the past several years about this phenomena, suggesting that “bingdu” (what the North Koreans call meth) is available practically at epidemic levels inside the DPRK.
Quotes from defectors and sources who spoke to the Daily NK report that anywhere from ¼ to ½ of the population in North Korea are using the drug. And as reported by Isaac Stone Fish in Newsweek, bingdu is often taken as a replacement for medicine in the DPRK.
Recent unconfirmed reports state that Chinese aid (in the form of rice and crude oil) has been sent to the DPRK. It cannot please Chinese officials, however, to see the North Koreans reciprocate the gesture by sending meth into Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces.

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Nootropic Drugs

Source: The Atlantic

Ari Levaux explains nootropic drugs in this interesting article. He even took some so he could provide a first-hand account of the affects.

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Scientific Analysis of Newt's Lunar Base Idea

Source: Robert T. Gonzalez on

Maybe a colony on the moon isn't as crazy as everybody seems to think it is. The potential energy sources alone might be enough to offset the costs.

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What The Koch Brothers Say Online But Won’t Say Under Oath

Source: Disinformation

Charles and David Koch refuse to testify before Congress regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, even though they have made their position and interests clear on-line.

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Voting Irregularities in the Nevada Primary

Source: Examiner

There appear to be more voting irregularities in the GOP primaries. First voting records went missing from the Iowa cacus and eventually Santorum was declared the winner by a very small number of votes. Now there are concerns about the election results in Nevada. How can we possibly be confident that every vote counts and the elections aren't rigged?

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Judge Reviewing PETA's Claim that the Whales at SeaWorld are Slaves

Source: PhysOrg

A judge is reviewing a case filed by PETA claiming that SeaWorld is violating the 13th amendment prohibition of slavery.

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Does the Private or Public Sector Drive More Innovation

Source: New Left Project

The Right argue that government involvement always slows progress and harms innovation and progress.  The Left say the opposite is true. It kind of makes you wonder what our lives would be like today without taxpayers funding research and the type of risk that drives significant discovery. Would the Internet exist as it does today? Would millions more lives have been lost without government funded cures? Would we understand our universe nearly as well?

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Canada’s use of torture data sparks outcry

Source: Raw Story

Canada's Public safety administrator said it's OK to use information acquired by torture if Canadian's lives are at risk.

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Rep. McKeon Praises Drone Manufacturers At Conference After They Lavish His Wife With Donations

Source: Republic Report

The defence industry has made generous donations to Patricia McKeon as she runs for California state office. Her husband is Chairman of the House Armed Services Commitee, Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA).

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Walla Walla Rep. Walsh's floor speech on gay marriage goes viral

Source: The News Tribune

Rep. Maureen Walsh is a Walla Walla Republican who broke ranks with her party to support legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington state. When she gave this heartfelt speech she was talking to 97 of her colleagues in the Legislature. But the whole world was watching. Walsh spoke during the Wednesday debate about the bond she shared with her late husband and her desire for all couples to be able to experience that kind of connection. She also spoke about her love for her lesbian daughter and wanting to someday throw her daughter a wedding.

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