Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Report: Chance of a Catastrophic Solar Storm Over the Next Decade Is 1 in 8


According to a recent study published by Space Weather: The International Journal of Research and Applications,  we have roughly a 12% chance of getting hit with a solar storm so powerful that it could take down the national power grid and yield catastrophic consequences for the general population.

The 1859 Carrington Event caused telegraph stations to catch on fire and their networks experienced major outages and magnetic observatories recorded disturbances in the Earth’s field that were literally off the scale.

In today’s electrically dependent modern world, a similar scale solar storm could have catastrophic consequences. During a geomagnetic storm in 1989, for instance, Canada’s Hydro-Quebec power grid collapsed within 90 seconds, leaving millions without power for up to nine hours.

The worst case scenario has been outlined by the Center for Security Policy, which suggests that an EMP, or a solar storm that results in similar magnetic discharge across the United States, could potentially leave 90% of Americans dead within the first year:

<b>“Within a year of that attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,”</b> said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy. “And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

This is a Suspicious News Brief.

What if TSA's scanners are less effective than metal detectors?

What if the new body scanners are less effective than the metal detectors they replaced?  A man who filed a lawsuit against the TSA for 4th Amendment invasion of privacy has posted a video explaining how he got metal objects through the new scanners.

Source: TSA Out of Our Pants! Blog

The scanners are now effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort. The TSA has been provided this video in advance of it being made public to give them an opportunity to turn off the scanners and revert to the metal detectors. I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.

My legal battle against the TSA’s nude body scanner and pat-down molestation program continues in court, soon with a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court.

This is a Suspicious News Brief. Read more at the TSA Out of Our Pants! Blog