Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FBI quietly forms secretive DCAC Net-surveillance unit

Source: CNET News

CNET has learned that the FBI has formed a Domestic Communications Assistance Center, which is tasked with developing new electronic surveillance technologies, including intercepting Internet, wireless, and VoIP communications.
The establishment of the Quantico, Va.-based unit, which is also staffed by agents from the U.S. Marshals Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency, is a response to technological developments that FBI officials believe outpace law enforcement's ability to listen in on private communications.

DCAC's mandate is broad, covering everything from trying to intercept and decode Skype conversations to building custom wiretap hardware or analyzing the gigabytes of data that a wireless provider or social network might turn over in response to a court order. It's also designed to serve as a kind of surveillance help desk for state, local, and other federal police.

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Army Readies Its Mammoth Spy Blimp Drone for First Flight

Source: Danger Room |

Northrop Grumman has finally penciled in the first flight of the giant surveillance airship it’s building for the U.S. Army.  The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) will lift off between June 6 and 10. After a brief trial the 300-foot-long airship will be mated up with a custom-designed gondola containing the blimp’s cameras and radios.

The LEMV can do more than hover and spy. It’s also a potentially useful cargo carrier. The current model can carry 20 tons of supplies. A scaled-up version could carry hundreds of tons — and at a fraction of the cost of fixed-wing airplanes.

With Pakistan’s continuing blockade of roads into Afghanistan, the LEMV could help the Army remove its weapons and gear from from the landlocked country as U.S. troops withdraw.

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