Sunday, June 10, 2012

Americans Are as Likely to Be Killed by Their Own Furnature as by Terrorism

Source: The Atlantic

Of the 13,288 people killed by terrorist attacks last year, seventeen were private U.S. citizens, or .001 percent. A comparable number of Americans are crushed to death by their televisions or furniture each year. This is not to diminish the real--albeit shrinking--threat of terrorism, or to minimize the loss and suffering of the 13,000 killed and over 45,000 injured around the world. For Americans, however, it should emphasize that an irrational fear of terrorism is both unwarranted and a poor basis for public policy decisions.

This is a Suspicious News Brief.

The School of the Americas, the CIA and the US-Condoned Cancer of Torture

This is a very short snippet of a very long article about the US Government involvement in training Latin American military and government officials in methods of torture and abuse throughout Latin America. This article also covers many specific incidents of torture, murder, rape and dissapearing of people as a result of this training. In many cases it seems that the CIA may have even been directly involved in carrying out torture and violations of human rights.

Source: Truth Out

And then there is, of course, the legacy of the infamous School of the Americas (now renamed the euphemistic Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation: WHINSEC). It has been accused of teaching torture, which was confirmed in a US government admission during the Clinton administration. Although now, under its new WHINSEC name, it claims to no longer offer such instruction.

Of the School of the Americas, Harbury told BuzzFlash in a 2005 interview:

Very simply, the School of the Americas is a US military institution that has given training and education to high-level military officials from across Latin America for 40 years now. The students who they have trained and educated, in huge numbers, turned out to have been the worst human rights violators in the Western Hemisphere, bar none. We're talking about high-level people under Pinochet. We're talking about eight to twelve of my husband's torturers. We're talking about people involved in massacre upon massacre within El Salvador, including people that were highly implicated in the murder of Monsignor Romero and the Maryknoll church women, etc.