Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VA Must Disclose Documents to MK-ULTRA Victims

Source: Courthouse News Service

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley in Oakland, Calif., said the documents requested were "squarely relevant" to the claim that the government failed to adequately notify veterans of the chemicals they were exposed to and what that exposure might do to their health.

The Army and the CIA, with the help of Nazi scientists, used at least 7,800 veterans as human guinea pigs for testing the effects of up to 400 types of drugs and chemicals, including mescaline, LSD, amphetamines, barbituates, mustard gas and nerve agents, the Vietnam Veterans of America and individual soldiers claim in a 2009 class action.

The government covered up the true nature of its experiments, which began in the 1950s under code names such as "Bluebird," "Artichoke" and "MKUltra."

Romney 'misinterprets' Carr on US decline

Source: Sydney Morning Harold

Australian Foreign Minister met Mitt Romney in San Francisco yesterday after attending what is known as the Bohemian Grove meeting - an event often linked in conspiracy theories with smoky rooms and secret societies. Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger was also at the Bohemian Grove meeting offering a chance to reflect on past US foreign policy. But Mr Romney was more interested in Senator Carr's remarks on contemporary American government.

''I met today with the Foreign Minister of Australia. He said something, and I said 'Can I quote you?' and he said yes. He said, 'America is just one budget deal away from ending all talk of America being in decline'''