Friday, January 4, 2013

My Season with Jesse - An Examination of Conspiracy and Commerce

Michael J. Hobart has done a tremendous service to the community by writing summaries of Season Three episodes of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. Today he posted a great summary of Ventura's career and asks some interesting questions. This is well worth reading!

Source: Disinformation

Is there a Reptilian agenda? Is the existence of time travel technology being hidden from us? Are our minds being controlled by brain invaders, who secretly plan for a future without us and attack us with death rays? In my estimation, all of the conspiracies presented in Season Three of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura are worth examining, because they present useful opportunities to determine for oneself what is real or unreal, or what is more likely or less likely to be real. Blindly trusting any source of information is a hazardous proposition, whether that source is Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, or MSNBC.

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