Sunday, August 11, 2013

$1990 for Launch of Cremated Remains on an Elysium Memorial Spacecraft

Source: Elysium Space

For US $1990 you will receive:

  • A custom ash capsule with up to 3 characters of your choice engraved on its cap.
  • A mini-scoop to easily transfer a symbolic portion of the remains from a cremation urn
  • A message of your choice, up to 80 characters, engraved in one of the  Elysium memorial spacecraft metal plates.
  • A launch viewing event and webcast of the launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • A professionally produced video
  • A certificate attesting the success of the launch and official spacecraft tracking ID assigned by NORAD
  • A few months to several years orbiting the Earth while family and friends follow the journey using a mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • A reentry of the remains into the Earth's atmosphere, blazing as a shooting star.

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