Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brooklin Mother Says State Not Happy With Her Formula Choice

Source: WABI TV

Alorah Gellerson loves her three month old son.

"Oh he loved it. We put celery juice in it and he just loves that and it worked really well with his body and he grew like a weed," she said.

But when her doctor reported this to the Department of Health and Human Services, things got messy.

"She came in and threatened to take him away and put him in foster care until I complied to go to the doctor and get him seen and he's perfectly healthy, we can all see that," said Gellerson.

Gellerson, who receives state benefits, says she has complied with all of the mandates from DHHS, including numerous doctor visits, an overnight hospital stay, and even switched over to store bought formula to please them, but she says the state is still not dropping it.

DHHS said they had no one available to speak with us. But they sent us to websites for procedures they follow, like one from the USDA, which says goat milk is not recommended for infants because of inadequate quantities of certain vitamins.

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