Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg trashes New York judge’s stop-and-frisk curbs

Source: Russia Today

On Monday, US District Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that police have intentionally and systematically violated the civil rights of tens of thousands of New Yorkers by mainly targeting black and Hispanic men. Scheindlin said she wasn’t putting an end to the practice, but merely trying to reform the way the NYPD carried it out.

The judge has also appointed an outside independent monitor to oversee major changes in police tactics, a reform in policies and training and supervision of officers. She has also ordered a pilot program to test body cameras, which will be worn by police in the areas of the city where most checks occurred.

“This is a dangerous decision made by a judge who I think does not understand how policing works and what is compliant with the US Constitution as determined by the Supreme Court,” Bloomberg said. “I worry for my kids, and I worry for your kids. I worry for you and I worry for me. Crime can come back any time the criminals think they can get away with things.”

He warned that the ruling could see a return to the days of mayhem and rampant crime in the 1990s before his predecessor, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, took office. Murders in the city hit an all-time high in 1990 at 2,245, but by 2012 the murder rate had fallen to an all-time low of 418.

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