Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lake-drilling team discovers life under the ice

Source: Nature News & Comment

Researchers hope that the survival strategies of the subglacial microbes might offer clues to what the biology of extraterrestrial life might be like — Jupiter’s moon Europa, for instance, is thought to host a large sub-surface ocean of water where such life might be able to exist.

Scientist Explains the Weird Shiny Thing on Mars

A shiny protuberance was found in photos sent from the Mars Curiosity rover and it has caused quite a bit of speculation on various "alternative media" blogs and on-line discussion forums. This is the first explanation I've seen that makes any logical sense.

Source: Universe Today

images from the Curiosity rover showed what looked like a piece of shiny metal sticking out from a rock. Some of our readers suggested that it might be a handle or knob of some kind. It’s a knob, yes, says Ronald Sletten from the Mars Science Laboratory team, but a completely natural formation.