Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Ozone Hole Takes Its Revenge with Climate Change

New modeling suggests that the ozone hole affects climate more than expected.

Source: VICE

The Antarctic ozone hole is shifting the southern-hemisphere jet stream further toward the south and, according to the models used in the study, the effect is to pull clouds toward the South Pole. Cloud cover over the polar region is less effective at blocking radiation, so the net effect is an increase in radiation hitting the Earth. In total, we should see an additional 0.25 watts per square meter being absorbed by the planet, which adds up to a good blast of extra heat.

Robotic plant learns to grow like the real thing

Source: New Scientist

Modelling a growing root is complex because it bends while increasing in length, adding cells on the opposite side from the direction in which it is heading. At the same time, a root perceives several physical and chemical stimuli at once and prioritises them; how it makes these decisions is not completely understood.