Saturday, May 3, 2014

Another NYPD Officer Got Drunk and Shot Someone

Source: New York Magazine

April was a banner month for drunk NYPD officers embarrassing themselves and endangering others. ... three different off-duty cops managed to wind up with DWIs ... one of the men accidentally shooting the other ... an NYPD officer is being questioned for "shooting and critically wounding" a civilian in Westchester while off-duty...
NYPD chief Bill Bratton acknowledged that the drunken shooting was on trend. "We are always concerned about any of our officers in off-duty activities that result in criminal activity," he told reporters. "At the same time, we’re very concerned with a number of reports. I, personally, am very disturbed about the number of incidents in recent weeks that are part of a longer term problem of inappropriate use of alcohol by members of our department." 

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