Friday, May 30, 2014

Encryption software TrueCrypt closes doors in odd circumstances

Source: The Guardian

Encryption tool TrueCrypt has closed its doors, removed its downloads and advised users to switch to a competitor, citing only the end of life of Windows XP as a reason.
The TrueCrypt development team has always remained anonymous, and isn't speaking about the software's death beyondthe sparse advice left on its download page – leaving users who don't believe the rationale ample room to speculate about other possibilities.

One of the more popular suggestions is that the act is a version of what's known as a "warrant canary". Warrant canaries are legal tricks employed by conscientious organisations to get around the fact that certain demands from the US government cannot be disclosed publicly. For instance, a company which has received a national security letter, commanding it to turn over user data, may not tell its users that fact.

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