Sunday, February 9, 2014

5-minute video: US ‘leaders’ JOKE about OBVIOUS War Crimes, war lies, war murders: Arrest them

5-minute video courtesy Realist Report 
In this 5-minute video, Presidents Bush and Obama, Secretary of State and presidential-hopeful Ms. Clinton, presidential-hopeful has-been John McCain, and former Secretary of State and Bush family friend James Baker all joke about:
OBVIOUS unlawful US wars,
all began on lies known to be false as they were told,
their psychopathic lack of empathy about US-led wars that have killed ~30 million human beings since World War 2; more than killed by fascist Nazis.
These psychopaths mock our veterans by allowing their growing homelessness and suicides, despite obvious solutions available for everyone’s full-employmentand health care.

The Oil Boom Doesn't Care if Your Chickens Are Freezing to Death

Propane is a byproduct of both natural gas production and crude oil refining. Just in the past year, its production has spiked by 15 percent, and a good chunk of that new production is considered surplus, to be exported from brand new fuel terminals. ...

But, according to The New York Times, it's quite the opposite. Propane fuel prices have shot up in some areas by more than $2 a gallon since the beginning of winter, and as of the end of January, the national wholesale average for propane had more than doubled in less than a month's time. ...

... state attorneys general from across the Midwest are claiming price-gouging and opening top serious investigations, while local and state authorities race to provide emergency assistance to squeezed households. ...

Last fall was wet, which meant harvesting wet corn. So, some larger percent of February's missing propane went to drying out some corn in November. ... This put a hurt on local propane stocks.  ...

Hundreds of miles to the southeast, at the Del-Ray Ranch here in Calhoun County, Ala., the concerns were just as intense in the state’s $15 billion a year chicken business. Ray Bean began his week with the realization that the propane supply that helps him and his wife to raise more than 500,000 chickens a year had dwindled to zero.

So, to recap, American corn producers operating with help from government farm subsidies were buying propane with, in some part, your money to dry out their corn harvest. For reasons that remain somewhat a mystery, the American propane infrastructure, which is about as resilient as a dog fart, apparently, didn't recover or refill in time for our current full-on epic winter. And, to mess things up even more, only a month before the corn harvest propane crisis, producers were racing like hell to get propane out of the domestic market with help from brand new export terminals.
There's your oil boom: paying for others' profits while your chickens die horribly and people you didn't vote for figure out the economics of offering supply relief during a heating fuel crisis. Good times.

Curiosity captures its first photo of Earth from the surface of Mars

Soue: io9

This sponge-filled syringe can plug a gunshot wound in just 15 seconds

Source: io9

a U.S. company has developed a syringe that pumps expandable tablet-sized sponges into the wound, blocking it while the patient is being transported to ER.

Snowden used common web crawler tool to collect NSA files

Source: Russia Today

Whistleblower Edward Snowden used “inexpensive” and “widely available” software to gain access to at least 1.7 million secret files, The New York Times reported, quoting senior intelligence officials investigating the breach.

The collection process was “quite automated,” a senior intelligence official revealed. Snowden used “web crawler” software to “search, index and back up” files. The program just kept running, as Snowden went about his daily routine.

“We do not believe this was an individual sitting at a machine and downloading this much material in sequence,” the official said.

Investigators concluded that Snowden’s attack was not highly sophisticated and should have been easily detected by special monitors. The web crawler can be programmed to go from website to website, via embedded links in each document, copying everything it comes across.

The whistleblower managed to set the right algorithm for the web crawler, indicating subjects and how far to follow the links, according to the report. At the end of the day, Snowden was able to access 1.7 million files including documents on internal NSA networks and internal “wiki" materials, used by analysts to share information across the world.

Reportedly, Snowden had full access to the NSA’s files, as part of his job as the technology contractor in Hawaii, managing computer systems in a faraway outpost that focused on China and North Korea.

Officials added that the files were accessible because the Hawaii outpost was not upgraded with the latest security measures.

In Just 6 Months, the NSA Spied on More Than 59,000 Accounts

Source: Wired - Threat Level

Four tech giants embroiled in the government’s secret PRISM collection program reported today that they had received classified national security demands for the contents of at least 59,000 user accounts during the first half of 2013.