Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stanford scientists discover a novel way to make ethanol without corn or other plants

Source: Stanford University

"We have discovered the first metal catalyst that can produce appreciable amounts of ethanol from carbon monoxide at room temperature and pressure – a notoriously difficult electrochemical reaction," said Matthew Kanan, an assistant professor of chemistry at Stanford and coauthor of the Nature study

Democrat Busts Darrell Issa for Behaving Exactly Like Richard Nixon

Source: Politics USA

In an opening statement, Ranking Member Democrat Sander Levin (D-MI) called Darrell Issa (R-CA) out for violating a provision put into place after Nixon used taxpayer information for political purposes. In other words, Issa is doing what he accused Obama of doing.

As Issa tries to get the DOJ to launch a criminal investigation into IRS “whistleblower” Lois Lerner, Levin pointed out that there is no reason for Issa to make public tax information to which the DOJ has access. The only reason for this move is political retribution.
"Mr. Chairman.
You have hand selected information that you believe proves your case from the about 700,000 documents provided during this investigation. You have given Members 24 hours to look at it. And, you have not provided them the necessary authority to look at any other documents, beyond what is included in the notebooks, so that members could reach a conclusion on their own."