Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It is time for the Supreme Court to STFU

Regarding the Hobby Lobby case, federal Judge Richard George Kopf told the five male Catholic Supreme Court Justices to STFU.

Source: Hercules and the umpire via Disinformation

... The decision looks misogynistic because the majority were all men. It looks partisan because all were appointed by a Republican. The decision looks religiously motivated because each member of the majority belongs to the Catholic church, and that religious organization is opposed to contraception.

... this term and several past terms have proven that the Court is now causing more harm (division) to our democracy than good by deciding hot button cases that the Court has the power to avoid. As the kids say, it is time for the Court to stfu.***

The NSA Is Targeting Users of Privacy Services, Leaked Code Shows

Source: Wired Threat Level

If you use Tor or any of a number of other privacy services online or even visit their web sites to read about the services, there’s a good chance your IP address has been collected and stored by the NSA, according to top-secret source code for a program the NSA uses to conduct internet surveillance.

There’s also a good chance you’ve been tagged for simply reading news articles about these services published by Wired and other sites.