Thursday, January 22, 2015

The FAA still lacks clear regulation of drones.

I have been following legal battles between the FAA and drone owners. One persistent legal battle was being fought by a Swiss citizen named Raphael Pirker who used a lightweight styrofoam drone to film videos of flights over Manhattan that went viral and caught the attention of the FAA. The FAA had no legal authority over Pirker's flights because his use is classified as non-commercial as long as he wasn't being compensated. When Pirker collected a small fee the FAA fined Pirker $10,000 and a legal battle begun.

Source: VICE Motherboard

... the Federal Aviation Administration and Raphael Pirker have decided to settle, scoring the agency what has probably been the hardest and most frustrating $1,100 it has ever earned. ...

... the agency has been exposed, over and over, as making up quasi-legal "regulations" as it goes along. And still, we have no small drone rule, after one was promised, over and over again, by the end of 2014. ...

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