Monday, August 1, 2016

Thanks to Christians, After School Satan Clubs May Be Coming to an Elementary School Near You

Source: Patheos

Congress passed the Equal Access Act of 1984 to prevent the government from stoping the formation of after-school Bible clubs at public schools throughout the country. A Supreme Court decision in 2001 said public schools couldn’t discriminate on the basis of religion. Christians have been forming Good News Clubs at elementary schools to spread fundamentalist Christianity to little kids before they’re old enough to think critically.

Source: After School Satan

The Satanic Church plans to place an After School Satan Club in every school where the Good News Clubs, or other proselytizing religious groups, have established a presence.
After School Satan Clubs have initially offered to present curriculum at schools in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Pensacola, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Springfield, Tucson and Washington, DC. Their aim is to establish the presence of a contrasting voice that helps children to understand that one doesn’t need to submit to superstition in order to be a good person. These After School Satan groups will work the same way as Christian clubs. They’ll have outside sponsors, they’ll run a curriculum that’s appropriate for kids, and (most importantly) they’ll only form in districts where Good News Clubs already exist. This isn’t just about spreading Satanic values. It’s about showing Christians the law applies to everybody, and if they want access to public space, they have to accept that groups with whom they disagree will be there, too.

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