Monday, April 30, 2018

Remove Facebook Applications From Your Phone

I recommend that you remove the Facebook Application from your phone and use their web access exclusively. To make this easier, I have one web browser dedicated almost exclusively for Facebook and use the notifications as my home page:
The reason I only access Facebook through a Web browser is because I don't trust them with the following application permissions that are listed for their App in the Google Play Store:
- Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
- Download files without notification
- Read/write your contacts
- Add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge
- Read calendar events plus confidential information
I encourage you to read their claims about how they use these permissions and consider if you trust them:

Remove Facebook Messenger from your phone and dedicate your Firefox Web browser home page to this link:

This allows you to reply from your phone to friends on Facebook messenger without trusting Facebook with access to your sensitive data.

I refuse to allow the Facebook Messenger App on my phone because I don't trust them with the following permissions listed for their App in the Google Play Store:
- Take pictures and videos
- Record audio
- Read your contacts
- Directly call mobile phone numbers
- Receive text messages (SMS)
I encourage you to read more about their claimed use of these permissions and consider for yourself if you trust them:

FEMA maps lack up-to-date information on flood risk

Source: PRI

Right now, $5.5 trillion of assets a and 40 million Americans are are in areas that face a 1 percent risk of a flood in any given year — a so-called 100-year flood, according to a new study. Current FEMA maps only include 13 million Americans in the 100-year flood risk area.

Warranty-void If Removed Stickers Are Illegal

Source: VICE Motherboard

Federal law says you can repair your devices and manufacturers cannot force you to use their repair services.

What the Golden State Killer case means for your genetic privacy

Please don't give your DNA to 23andMe, or any other commercial interest. Your privacy is somewhat protected when you provide genetic information to a medical practitioner but otherwise your genetic information IS for sale and you have no control over its use.

Source: CNN

"You are very much the product of commercial genetic testing companies...
When you give your genetic information to a commercial genetic testing company, you're not only selling your own privacy but also that of others -- "even unknown family members that are connected to that individual ..."